CDs produced by David Pascal

Libby Roderick, Lay It All Down. Turtle Island Records

Room to Move, No Time For Daydreams, Moving Room Productions

Tanya Perkins, Still With Thee, Queen Ann Productions, Inc.

Modern Angels, Ask For More, Shining Heart Productions

Red Fish Blue Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish, Daniel Barry Publications

Daniel Barry, Phantom Suite, Daniel Barry Publications

The Jazz Police, The Music of Daniel Barry, BopCop Productions

The Jazz Police, Butterfly, BopCop Productions

The Christopher Gross Ensemble, Hit the Mark, Pickmania Publishing

Karin Kajita, Summerland, Karin Kajita Publishing

Deb Seymour, Cupid's Wheel, Herkimer Productions

Jody Aliesan, Grief Sweat, Broken Moon Press

The Toucans, Five and a half Original Songs, The Toucans

Evan Buehler, 5 4 3, POMO Records

Chris Welch, Songs Without Words, Sweet Spot Music

The Jim Cutler Quartet, JCQ, Jamco Music

The Jim Cutler Quartet, For Real, Pony Boy Records

The Jim Cutler Orchestra, In Progress, Pony Boy Records

Daniel Barry, Walk All Ways, OA2 Records

Jolie Vigen, Another December, Trulyoob Records

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